Ireland has hosted most of Europe’s top sea angling events.  Shore and boat angling competitions and festivals are held all around the coast, particularly during the weekends of summer and autumn.

Due to the fact that no part of the country is more than 70 miles from the sea, an angling trip is highly attractive to the visiting sea angler. 

The more common species found off the coast of Ireland includes;






There are 3 different types of fishing:

  1. Shore Angling -

    This is by far the most popular form of the sport.  It is enjoyed all around the coast, but is most popular south of a line from Galway to Dublin.  It can be divided into three forms:

    1. Beach
    2. Rock
    3. Pier
    Beach anglers generally seek Bass, Ray, Flounder and Codling, while rock anglers seek Pollack, Wrasse, Conger, Mackerel and Ray.  Pier fishermen mostly take Mullet, Dogfish, Ray, Conger and Flounder.
  2. Inshore Angling -

    This is carried out from small 13-20 foot boats, usually fitted with outboard engines and is normally confined to sheltered bays and inlets.

    Some anglers tow their own boats and launch them from any of the hundreds of piers and slipways as they motor around the country.

    This form of the sport is most common on the east coast, but has grown dramatically in popularity on all other coasts – particularly the north coast.

    All species of fish are sought, but generally Cod, Ray, Plaice, Monkfish, Pollack and Tope are the most important.
  3. Deep Sea Angling -

    Of the three forms of sea angling available, this is the one on which Ireland’s reputation is based.  Deep sea angling necessitates the use of specially-equipped seagoing launches of 26-40 feet.

    These boats can be chartered for approximately £100 per day, or an angler can book a place on board for approximately £20 per day.  The boats usually take seven to eight anglers, depending on the type of fishing sought, i.e. ground (bottom) fishing or shark fishing. The species caught in deep water will, of course, be similar to those in the shore and inshore categories, but tend to be larger.

    However, to these categories can now be added Blue and Porbeagle Shark, Big Skate, Ray and Ling.  Tackle can be hired in most centres for about £5-£10  per day.

    The boats usually go out about 9 or 10 a.m. and return 6 or 7 p.m.

    The Northern coastline (particularly the North West) is teeming with different varieties of fish and is a highly popular destination for anyone searching for big fish.  Very few countries offer as expansive a sea mass as the Atlantic Ocean.