Location: Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire can be found south east of Dublin near Dublin Bay.

County: Dublin
Fish: Sea ()


 Dab, Conger, Bass, Plaice, Whiting, Codling, Pouting, Coalfish, Mackerel & Pollack.


The harbour provides pier fishing for most of the year, but from the west pier fishing is for Dab, Conger, Bass and Plaice, with Whiting ,Codling, Pouting and Coalfish being taken in the autumn. From the seaward side of the west pier spinning over rough ground is or Mackerel and Pollack form July to September.


All year around, although the best time of year is between May to September.


Spinning and bottom fishing with Mackerel strips.

Cost: No cost for offshore fishing.