Lough Aunweeny


The Lakes of Carrafinla, Hawnaghaneekyne, Vauratruffiun, Aunweeny and Namroughania are all part of the Lettermucka fishery.

County: Galway, Mayo
Fish: Salmon ()
Catch:Salmon, Brown Trout & Sea Trout.

Fishing in Lough Carrafinla can produce Sea trout from July, and there are boats available for hire. All the other four loughs are let to Rosmuck Angler\'s Association and the fishing is reserved for its members.


Salmon fishing is from February 1st - September 30th, Sea trout can be taken during June 1st - September 30th. Brown trout fishing is between February 1st - October 12th,


Usually fly and spinning.

Cost: Enquiries on the fishing should be made to Mr P. Berridge, Furnace Lodge, Camus.