Bertra Strand can be found on the coast of Murrisk which is located in Westport Bay.

County: Mayo
Fish: Sea ()
Catch:Mackerel, Bass, Sea Trout, Flounder, Pollack, Dogfish, Bull Huss, Tope, Ray & Monkfish.

On the west of the beach, spinning is done close to the stony reef for Mackerel, Bass and Sea trout. Fishing from the beach is for catches of Flounder. From the point, spinning is used on the first two hours of a flood for Mackerel, Pollack, Bass and Sea trout. Bottom fishing is for Dogfish, Bull Huss and Tope. In the deep water pool, east of Bertra Island, Ray and Monkfish may be caught by distance casting.


All year around, although the best time of year is between May to September.


Spinning and bottom fishing with Mackerel strips.

Cost: No cost for off-shore fishing. Boat charter varies between 200 Euro - 300 Euro per boat, suitable for 4-8 people.