Fishing In Ireland

The vast variety and quality of our fishing has given the country a reputation which is certainly right up there with the best fishing areas.

Ireland is an island approximately 300 miles long and 200 miles wide, with a very high ratio of inland waters to land.  Within the island there are 14,000 miles of fish-bearing rivers, and thousands of lakes, all surrounded by the Irish Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. We have broken the fish types into the following categories, please click on the types to access more information including images and descriptions.

The climate is perfect for fishing.  It is temperate and kind to the angler, with moderate summers, mild winters, and adequate rainfall throughout the year.

The warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift lap the south and west coasts, giving a milder climate than our geographical location would suggest.

The interior of Ireland is, in general, flat with mountains following, more or less, the lines of the sea coast.

The centre of the island, in which a lot of coarse fish waters are to be found, is almost entirely of limestone.  In the north midlands, the formation is superficially different, but even here the limestone is present, although for the most part it is deeply buried.

Many lakes and streams have their origins in springs coming up from a great depth.  There are also limestone deposits washed down into the small rivers which in turn feed the larger waters.

The presence of lime in large quantities results in characteristics caused by no other geological formation.

The waters here are the cleanest in Europe and the Irish countryside never suffered the ravages of an industrial revolution.  The waters are uncrowded and anglers can enjoy their fishing in peace and quiet in a pleasant countryside.