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Alennaun More can be found on the south coast of Achill Island entering into Clew Bay.

County: Mayo
Fish: Sea ()
Catch:Conger, Pollack, Coalfish, Wrasse, Dogfish, Bull Huss, Dab & Ray.

Rock fishing is into rather deep water over foul ground for Conger, Pollack, Coalfish and Wrasse. Dogfish, Bull Huss, Dab and some Ray can be caught in the sandy areas about 20 minutes walk from the car park. It should only be approached when the weather is calm.


All year around, although the best time of year is between May to September.


Spinning and bottom fishing with Mackerel strips.

Cost: No cost for off-shore fishing. Boat charter varies between 200 Euro - 300 Euro per boat, suitable for 4-8 people.